The current business environment is highly demanding. Leaders need to cope with high pace and moving targets. Business decisions are increasingly complex and available information is often incomplete and ambiguous.
As a consequence individual leaders are challenged to tolerate personal discomfort and lead diverse and global teams.

Based on our leadership experience in multinational organisations, traditional trainings are not a sufficient response to these challenges. In collaboration with senior business leaders we have created new powerful leadership development experiences: sometimes sweet - sometimes sour.


Our work is leading edge and based on the following 5 principles:


Trust is the fundament of our relationship with you, as our client, who we see as a partner in our joint endeavour. We believe in combining the knowledge inside your organisation with our fresh outside perspective. We aim to co-create solutions that truly meet the needs of you and your company. We build strong connections to come up with practical, down-to-earth solutions that reflect the business reality.


Our key strength is combining our business experience with emotional intelligence. We use our strong intuition to observe, build hypotheses and play back our thoughts on what is happening and why.
People we work with consistently say that they are surprised how quickly we point to the heart of the matter and how well we understand how things are related.


The first step to change is to accept the current reality rather than wishful thinking on what should be. Recognising recurring patterns is key. Some patterns can be very useful. Others can hinder and block necessary change. Patterns form over time and can be individual and organisational. To get an honest outside view helps to acknowledge that what has made a lot of sense in the past might not be useful any more.


Leadership is about making choices – choices about what can stay the same and what needs to change in order to ensure that the company will survive in the long-term.
Leadership is also about destroying choices – leaving options open for too long and postponing decisions can be detrimental to any organisation. Our intent is to make sure that people in your organisation can make deliberate choices – rather than repeating old patterns of behaviour.


We aspire to work on the relevant, real topics and questions in every intervention that we design. It is crucial to create a learning environment that is close to the business context and business reality to enable effective development, dialogue and change. We believe that change happens through meaningful conversations. And those conversations should happen in the workshops – not only in the coffee breaks.