We design and run innovative and unconventional leadership development and change initiatives

Our approach is based on best practices in executive education as well as applied research of neuroscience, complexity theory, systems and Gestalt approaches.

Leadership is about dealing effectively with dilemmas. Everyone having had leadership responsibility will agree to that. Leadership is complex. It is situational. It is contextual. Leadership development measures need to attend to this complexity and not try to reduce it in a simplistic training environment. Our approach to leadership development is to create a real, complex and ambiguous learning environment with enough safety to receive feedback, reflect and try out new approaches.

Also, we see Leadership as relational, as something that happens between people and not as a character trait of individuals. If nobody follows, we would not call it leadership. The ability to follow is equally important as the ability to lead. And roles can change during a task and a project. Effective leadership travels amongst team members.

We see us as catalysts for change

We do not want to simply be helpful, we want to be useful to the individual and the organisation.

We connect people to organisational goals in meaningful ways.

Our brand describes our approach: Sweet & Sour. It is refreshing and rewarding to tackle the real issues.